Labor creates the world.

                                                                                                       --Karl Marx


ABEL wallet

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Three roles for a users

When the registration is completed, it will be the ABEL volunteer miners, which has a 24-hour hash rate of 0.5 A / H. ABEL coins are accumulated into individual accounts by the hour; this is the basic hash rate of everyone. By fissioning, users can upgrade their own mining machines. Every 21 days, the comprehensive hash rate will increase; the miner's income will disappear to a certain stage, which will greatly benefit the security and governance of the entire network after the main net that is launched in the future Centralization.

Evangelist (Fissile):
Fission users can obtain a stable increase 0.2A / H hashrate. The evangelist is obliged to remind other users to continue mining, so that both parties can gain hashrate, otherwise neither party will have any profit.

We encourage more users to strive for the possibility of becoming a node. The infinite generation benefits after becoming a node , and it is gives the node a lot of imagination. But node revenue depends on other users' mining and evangelism behaviors. Under this mechanism, the interests of global miners are highly consistent. Because anyone stops mining, except for the miner himself, the evangelists and node income associated with the miner are affected. The hashrate contributes to each other, and the complete interests are consistent. All global miners will actively empower ABEL.


ABEL Network Business Blueprint

ABEL's MCN Trading Network

Building a huge attention market
Give social media more value

ABEL's time trading network

Users can issue UToken based on their excellent services and skills
Real social relationships, pricing time

ABEL's social e-commerce network

Plan-based event-driven network
Perfect integration of smart contracts and social networks

ABEL's DAPP incubation platform

Technology, community, user sharing;
Soil for a wider decentralized application ecosystem


ABEL's development progress axis

Stage 1: Dawn

Start POW mining,
all users can participate in mining at zero cost;

Stage 3: Destruction

After the total output of ABEL reaches 1.5 billion, dividends will be distributed, and all commercial profits will be distributed to ABEL token holders. Completely destroy the distribution mechanism that lasted for hundreds of years in the era of big industry, and the prototype of blockchain 3.0 is emerging;

Stage 2: Blaze

After mining output reaches 1 billion, POW mining will be stopped, exchanges will be launched, and secondary market transactions will be opened; the remaining 1 billion ABEL will be converted into POS pledged output; after 1.2 billion, the main network will be launched and the commercial exploration period will begin;

Stage 4: Reconstruction

ABEL Ecology will build a new production relationship, redistribute wealth, and "work" will be redefined, thereby promoting the establishment of a new civilization.

ABEL's vision

Today, the material information is extremely rich, and the production relations formed since the Industrial Revolution will be completely subverted. In the new production relationship represented by ABEL, the user's right to speak will be unprecedentedly enhanced and will no longer be deceived by ambitious capitalists and entrepreneurs. In the ABEL ecosystem, there are no "companies" and "shareholders", only ABEL members. All business activities generated in the ABEL ecosystem, the benefits are shared by all ABEL members. The contributions made by ABEL members have already obtained different returns in the early stage by taking the role of miner, evangelist and node, and confirmed by holding tokens.
Everyone's efforts will get their due.